This is our last goodbye
I hate to feel the love between us die
But it’s over
Just hear this and then I’ll go

(jeff buckley)


And it's over to you
And I can't find the answers where you're gone

(go go dolls)


You deserve the chance at the kind of love
I'm not sure i'm worthy of
Losing you is painful to me

(air supply)


i love you, but I’m afraid to love you

(jeff buckley)


When it's over
That's the time I fall in love again
And when it's over
That's the time you're in my heart again
And when you go go go go
I know
And it never ends
It never ends

(sugar ray)


Maar toch: 'In Stilte zeg ik je vaarwel! (thé Lau)


But in my dreams i'm always strong.... (Mercury rev)

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